Spiralis mirabilis


The Textile Box is a laboratory, a platform for contemporary textile art. Installed in an area of 50 m² at the very heart of the Costume and Lace Museum in Brussels, the Textile Box offers artists the opportunity to present a personal exhibition designed especially for the Museum.

‘Spiralis mirabilis’ by Mireille Lienard or logarithmic spirals, studied by Jacques Bernoulli in the 17th century.

Space plays a major role in the making of the work. The formal vocabulary of the artist mirrors investigation into Platonic geometric harmony.
In this particular project, it refers to the spiral of the golden ratio. The ideal mathematical form, this spiral has immense symbolic significance: life, fertility, temporality, and being.

Here, the spiral structures space, evoking and manifesting a path according to a principle of continuity.
Harmony and consonance between the parts of a whole and the idea of a shape’s equilibrium inside a given space.

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